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SAE No. :: UNS No.

Society of Automotive Engineers International :: Unified Numbering Systems for Metals and Alloys


SAE International is a global association of more than 138,000 engineers and related technical experts in the aerospace, automotive and commercial-vehicle industries. SAE International's core competencies are life-long learning and voluntary consensus standards development.


The UNS for Metals and Alloys provides a means of correlating many internationally used metal and alloy numbering systems administered by societies, trade associations, and individual users and producers of metals and alloys. Jointly developed by ASTM International and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), it provides the uniformity necessary for efficient indexing, record keeping, data storage and retrieval, and cross-referencing.

Comparative Table

SAE 'J' No. UNS No.   SAE 'J' No. UNS No.   SAE 'J' No. UNS No.
SAE J113 UNS K06501 SAE J403 (SAE 1038) UNS G10380 SAE J403 (SAE 1541) UNS G15410
SAE J118 (SAE 1009) UNS G10090 SAE J403 (SAE 1039) UNS G13090 SAE J403 (SAE 1547) UNS G15470
SAE J118 (SAE 1011) UNS G10110 SAE J403 (SAE 1040) UNS G10400 SAE J403 (SAE 1548) UNS G15480
SAE J118 (SAE 1033) UNS G10330 SAE J403 (SAE 1042) UNS G10420 SAE J403 (SAE 1551) UNS G15510
SAE J118 (SAE 1034) UNS G10340 SAE J403 (SAE 1043) UNS G10430 SAE J403 (SAE 1552) UNS G15520
SAE J118 (SAE 1059) UNS G10590 SAE J403 (SAE 1044) UNS G10440 SAE J403 (SAE 1553) UNS G15530
SAE J118 (SAE 1109) UNS G11090 SAE J403 (SAE 1045) UNS G10450 SAE J403 (SAE 1561) UNS G15610
SAE J118 (SAE 1132) UNS G11320 SAE J403 (SAE 1046) UNS G10460 SAE J403 (SAE 1566) UNS G15660
SAE J118 (SAE 1145) UNS G11450 SAE J403 (SAE 1049) UNS G10490 SAE J403 (SAE 1570) UNS G15700
SAE J118 (SAE 1518) UNS G15180 SAE J403 (SAE 1050) UNS G10500 SAE J403 (SAE 1572) UNS G15720
SAE J118 (SAE 1525) UNS G15250 SAE J403 (SAE 1053) UNS G10530 SAE J403 (SAE 1580) UNS G15800
SAE J118 (SAE 1547) UNS G15470 SAE J403 (SAE 1055) UNS G10550 SAE J403 (SAE 1590) UNS G15900
SAE J125 (SAE G4000) UNS F10008 SAE J403 (SAE 1060) UNS G10600 SAE J403 (SAE EX15) UNS G41200
SAE J132 UNS K15047 SAE J403 (SAE 1064) UNS G10640 SAE J403 (SAE EX24) UNS G41210
SAE J403 (SAE 1065) UNS G10650 SAE J403 (SAE EX30) UNS G47150
SAE J157 UNS K15590 SAE J403 (SAE 1069) UNS G10690  
SAE J158 (SAE M3210) UNS F20000 SAE J403 (SAE 1070) UNS G10700 SAE J404 (SAE 50B40) UNS G50401
SAE J158 (SAE M4504) UNS F20001 SAE J403 (SAE 1074) UNS G10740 SAE J404 (SAE 50B44) UNS G50441
SAE J158 (SAE M5003) UNS F20002 SAE J403 (SAE 1075) UNS G10750 SAE J404 (SAE 50B46) UNS G50461
SAE J158 (SAE M5503) UNS F20003 SAE J403 (SAE 1078) UNS G10780 SAE J404 (SAE 50B50) UNS G50501
SAE J158 (SAE M7002) UNS F20004 SAE J403 (SAE 1080) UNS G10800 SAE J404 (SAE 50B60) UNS G50601
SAE J158 (SAE M8501) UNS F20005 SAE J403 (SAE 1084) UNS G10840 SAE J404 (SAE 51B60) UNS G51601
SAE J172 UNS K06701 SAE J403 (SAE 1085) UNS G10850 SAE J404 (SAE 81B45) UNS G81451
SAE J178 UNS K08500 SAE J403 (SAE 1086) UNS G10860 SAE J404 (SAE 86B45) UNS G86451
SAE J217 UNS K17700 SAE J403 (SAE 1090) UNS G10900 SAE J404 (SAE 94B15) UNS G94151
SAE J230 UNS S30200 SAE J403 (SAE 1095) UNS G10950 SAE J404 (SAE 94B17) UNS G94171
SAE J403 (SAE 1080) UNS G11080 SAE J404 (SAE 94B30) UNS G94301
SAE J316 (Grade A) UNS K07001
SAE J316 (Graed B) UNS K06701 SAE J403 (SAE 1110) UNS G11100 SAE J404 (SAE 1330) UNS G13300
SAE J403 (SAE 12L13) UNS G12134 SAE J403 (SAE 1117) UNS G11170 SAE J404 (SAE 1335) UNS G13350
SAE J403 (SAE 12L14) UNS G12144 SAE J403 (SAE 1118) UNS G11180 SAE J404 (SAE 1340) UNS G13400
SAE J403 (SAE 1005) UNS G10050 SAE J403 (SAE 1123) UNS G11230 SAE J404 (SAE 1345) UNS G13450
SAE J403 (SAE 1006) UNS G10060 SAE J403 (SAE 1137) UNS G11370 SAE J404 (SAE 4023) UNS G40230
SAE J403 (SAE 1008) UNS G10080 SAE J403 (SAE 1139) UNS G11390 SAE J404 (SAE 4024) UNS G40240
SAE J403 (SAE 1010) UNS G10100 ob SAE J403 (SAE 1140) UNS G11400 SAE J404 (SAE 4027) UNS G40270
SAE J403 (SAE 1012) UNS G10120 SAE J403 (SAE 1141) UNS G11410 SAE J404 (SAE 4028) UNS G40280
SAE J403 (SAE 1013) UNS G10130 SAE J403 (SAE 1144) UNS G11440 SAE J404 (SAE 4032) UNS G40320
SAE J403 (SAE 1015) UNS G10150 SAE J403 (SAE 1146) UNS G11460 SAE J404 (SAE 4037) UNS G40370
SAE J403 (SAE 1016) UNS G10160 SAE J403 (SAE 1151) UNS G11510 SAE J404 (SAE 4042) UNS G40420
SAE J403 (SAE 1017) UNS G10170
SAE J404 (SAE 4047) UNS G40470
SAE J403 (SAE 1018) UNS G10180 SAE J403 (SAE 1211) UNS G12110 SAE J404 (SAE 4118) UNS G41180
SAE J403 (SAE 1019) UNS G10190 SAE J403 (SAE 1212) UNS G12120 SAE J404 (SAE 4130) UNS G41300
SAE J403 (SAE 1020) UNS G10200 SAE J403 (SAE 1213) UNS G12130 SAE J404 (SAE 4135) UNS G41350
SAE J403 (SAE 1021) UNS G10210 SAE J403 (SAE 1215) UNS G12150 SAE J404 (SAE 4137) UNS G41370
SAE J403 (SAE 1022) UNS G10220 SAE J403 (SAE 1513) UNS G15130 SAE J404 (SAE 4140) UNS G41400
SAE J403 (SAE 1023) UNS G10230 SAE J403 (SAE 1522) UNS G15220 SAE J404 (SAE 4142) UNS G41420
SAE J403 (SAE 1025) UNS G10250 SAE J403 (SAE 1524) UNS G15240 SAE J404 (SAE 4145) UNS G41450
SAE J403 (SAE 1026) UNS G10260 SAE J403 (SAE 1526) UNS G15260 SAE J404 (SAE 4147) UNS G41470
SAE J403 (SAE 1029) UNS G10290 SAE J403 (SAE 1527) UNS G15270 SAE J404 (SAE 4150) UNS G41500
SAE J403 (SAE 1030) UNS G10300 SAE J403 (SAE 1533) UNS G15330 SAE J404 (SAE 4161) UNS G41610
SAE J403 (SAE 1035) UNS G10350 SAE J403 (SAE 1534) UNS G15340 SAE J404 (SAE 4320) UNS G43200
SAE J403 (SAE 1037) UNS G10370 SAE J403 (SAE 1536) UNS G15360 SAE J404 (SAE 4340) UNS G43400
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